About Dena

Dena Fleisher has been a list maker ever since she learned to write. She grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. She received her B.S. in nursing from American University and practiced as an RN for 11 years before hanging up her stethoscope to become a full-time mom. She wanted to use her organizational skills to help people organize their homes and lives, so she became a professional organizer. Lifting heavy items took its toll and Dena needed a new direction. Inspiration hit her, all the lists she had made could be helpful to other people. She hand wrote 54 lists, met a book designer, who brought in an editor, and Team Dena was formed. Over coffee and lots of superfluous conversation, every list was scrutinized, ten more lists were added, friendships were made, and Listful Thinking: Organize Your Life with Lists, was published.

Dena’s next step is telling people about her book. So this woman, who started in January of 2014 with a handwritten stack of lists, is now an author with a launched website, a blog, and a growing social presence. She’s both organizationally inspiring, and let your passion lead you inspiring!

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