Thought About Listful Thinking

Listful Thinking is the professional organizer everyone should have tidy up their lives. From remembering your passwords to managing your mental clutter, Dena Fleisher has a list to keep practically every area of your life organized and on-task! Using this essential tool daily will help you reclaim your sanity and gain back hours lost due to being disorganized. Thank you, Dena!
—Anne Bruce, bestselling author of Discover True North: A 4-Week Approach to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential

Dena is a natural when it comes to organizing! Her lists can turn chaos into peaceful, organized spaces—and with today’s working moms juggling work and family, these are valuable assets! If your spaces need sorting or decluttering, or your office, garage, or basement needs organizing, Listful Thinking is where to start!
—Janet Hanchuck, Owner, Loudoun Home Consulting–Your Organizing Experts!

Is there a list for counting the reasons why I love this book? There should be! How did I function without these lists? I’m actually excited to start making lists! My favorites right now are “Books and Movies to See,” “Passwords,” and “Travel Preparedness.” The “College Admissions” list will be a life saver in a year and lists like “Things I’ve Been Putting Off” will be incredibly helpful for me as a self-employed woman.
I could go on and on…I usually make notes on sticky notes but now I’m Listful Thinking!
—Ellen Moyer, Realtor RE/MAX Allegiance

Did I pay that bill? When was the furnace last inspected? Which kid needs vaccinations?
Most days, it seems like there is hardly any more room in our brains for the day-to-day stuff. Dena has a brilliant solution in Listful Thinking. She can get you organized so all that information (and much, much more) is in one hard copy.
Now we can write in our own family reference book and have all the information in one handy, up-datable, and un-hackable book of lists. You’ll never be without an answer again.
—Karen Goff, writer, editor and busy mom

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